3 x 60 MINUTE SESSIONS (£110)

2 x 90 MINUTE SESSIONS (£110)

Once you’ve decided you want to join Grand Union CrossFit you’ll have to sign up for our Fundamentals programme (this can differ based on your previous level of CrossFit or fitness).

This programme consists of two/three 1-on-1 sessions in which you will learn the basic movements of CrossFit, why we do them and how they can help improve your fitness and mobility. Our Fundamentals have a few short tests incorporated into them to help us track your progress throughout your time with us. Along with this, we will give you information on nutrition and which membership package would work best for you. Once you have completed your Fundamentals and have decided to join, you will automatically get your first week FREE!


For reservations or info:

If you’re interested in trying CrossFit and you would like to sign up for our Fundamentals programme then please click below.