Frequently Asked Questions

Is CrossFit right for me?

In a word, YES! CrossFit is an adaptive form of exercise, meaning everyone in the class will often be doing different scales of the same workout. For example, if pull-ups come up in the workout we will have people doing variations of them based on their current fitness/technical level. Rarely will you come into a class and have everyone doing the same thing. This is the beauty of CrossFit.

Do I need to be fit before I join CrossFit?

Not at all. CrossFit is here to get you fit, from any level. Like the question above states, you don’t need to be an athlete before joining. Every workout is adaptive based on our members’ capabilities. 

How often do I have to come in?

This varies hugely on your circumstances, training history, age, etc. At first we would recommend anyone that joins should commit to no more than 3 classes a week. This is just to get your body used to our way of training. After the first month or so this can be upped if members wish to do so. As this question is based on so many variables, we suggest you pop in for a chat so we can learn a little about you and advise you from there.

What does a CrossFit gym offer that a regular gym doesn’t? 

In our CrossFit gym, we have a maximum of 8 people doing the workout, so the coach can assist every single person on a personal level - this will see you progress quickly. And, rather than doing the same thing day-in, day-out in a regular gym for years, every day is different at our gym, so you’ll never get bored. We programme the workouts for you too, and run you through them. This leaves you only having to turn up and be ready to learn. All of our classes are programmed in 6 week blocks designed to improve our members from all angles.

There are also a number of different classes available at GUC; not only CrossFit, but also mobility, Olympic weightlifting, conditioning (HIIT) and gymnastic sessions. If you feel like spending more time honing your skills in a certain aspect of CrossFit, we make this available to you.

Do you have parking at the gym?

We reserve all our spaces for our coaches, but Berkhamsted has a huge amount of parking, so finding somewhere close by should never be an issue. In our ‘Contact Us’ section we also have a link to a map showing all of the nearby places to park. We encourage walking and cycling to the gym if that is possible, and we have bike racks on site.

Do you have shower/changing facilties at the gym?

Yes we do. You’ll need to bring your own towel and toiletries though.

Do you have open gym?

Yes we do. This is available around our class timetable and is overseen by our coaching staff who are always on hand to give you hints, tips and any advice you may need.

I have some health issues. Is CrossFit still OK for me?

Initially, we would advise you to go to your GP and get the all-clear. After this, we would be happy for you to come in for a chat and we can discuss any health issues you feel may complicate your training.


Need to know more?

If you’ve any questions which haven’t been covered by this page then feel free to email us by clicking the contact button below or call us on: 07811 043739