Grand Union CrossFit

About Us

At Grand Union CrossFit, we aim to create a culture which encourages support and inclusivity. This begins with the coaches, our programming and our general philosophy, but it’s the members who really make it work.

We’re proud to nurture a community where everyone’s successes are encouraged, supported and celebrated. A place where friendships are formed and strengthened. A place where all our members hit their health and fitness goals, and are proud to be part of something which is not just a gym, but a place where everyone is excited to engage in the social side of the CrossFit experience.

Facilities and Equipment

Our equipment is all state-of-the art and second-to-none, with everything you’d expect from a CrossFit gym; from rigs for pull-ups and power lifting, padded flooring for Olympic weightlifting, and space for handstand push-ups, handstand walks and wallballs. All of our equipment is brand new and made by one of the leading CrossFit equipment brands: Xenios.

Plus, we have onsite showering facilities and changing areas meaning you can pop in for an early morning or lunchtime workout, arriving back at work invigorated and refreshed; or have an evening workout, then head into town!

The Gym

Grand Union CrossFit is based in the heart of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. On the High Street, we pride ourselves in being a flagship gym for the brand Xenios. Some would say our space is compact, though we’d say it’s small but perfectly formed! The size is an immense benefit to our members; by offering smaller class sizes (a maximum of 8 people), we can not only create a great atmosphere of support and competition, but it also gives us the chance to pay closer attention to individuals when it comes to coaching.